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OMIE working with many actors in the electricity sector

We're aligned with the European Union's sustainability goals and with the framework of the new design of the European electricity market for 2030. In that regard, our experience is based on participating in national and European innovation projects to make the measures agreed on for facing climate change a reality; with all of them, we're upholding the objective of ensuring and facilitating the following, to name a few:


  • The feasibility of integrating all the actors in the electricity sector in the global electricity markets.
  • End consumer empowerment as a key part of the energy transition.
  • The effective participation of renewable energies and distributed resources with their flexibility in global and local markets/flexibility.
  • The integration of the needs and requirements of the distributor in the electricity markets.

European Projects

OMIE is currently participating in European-wide projects with the aim of validating its new market model.


 ReDREAM project

Real consumer engagement through a new user centric ecosystem development for end-users ‘assets in a multi-market scenario


 DRES2MARKET project

Technical, business and regulatory approaches to enhance the renewable energy capabilities to take part actively in the electricity

and ancillary services markets


 ONENET project

One Network for Europe



 STREAM project

STREAMing flexibility to the power system



 V2MARKET project

Vehicle to MARKET

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 PISTIS project

Promoting and Incentivising Federated, Trusted, and Fair Sharing and Trading of Interoperable Data ASsets

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 REEFLEX project

REplicable, interoperable, cross-sector solutions and Energy services for demand side FLEXibility markets

National Projects

At the same time, national initiatives allow for greater experience and close collaboration with new participants.