Market Agents Committee


The Market Agents Committee is set up as a body whose purpose is to monitor the functioning of the day-ahead and intraday management of electricity production markets and the proposal of measures that may result in better functioning of those markets.



The Market Agents Committee is made up of all the market agents and associations of the electricity sector that hold some interest in participating and which comply with the provisions of the market operating rules, as well as representatives of the market operator, the Spanish and Portuguese system operators, and the national regulators of MIBEL..


Bodies of the Committee of Market Agents

The bodies of the Market Agents Committee are the plenary, the chair, and the secretary.


Confidentiality and publication of information

All members of the Market Agents Committee shall be subject to the corresponding confidentiality obligations. Information on the Committee's activity will be available to all its members. 


Requirements and form

Requirements for access to the Market Agents Committee and application form

Agreements and presentations

Information published at the request of the Market Agents Committee.