Bodies of the Market Agents Committee

The bodies of the Market Agents Committee are the plenary, the chair, and the secretary.


  • The Plenary:

         The plenary will meet in an ordinary session once every two months and in an extraordinary session when requested by the market operator or at least 5% of the members of the Committee of Agents, who must express in the request the issues to be discussed at the meeting and the reasons why they have requested it.

         The call will be made by an e-mail sent to the titular members with a minimum of 72 hours prior notice, except in the case of a duly justified emergency. The call will be made by the chair, along with the agenda, in which the issues to be discussed at that session will be noted.

         When requested by at least 5% of the members of the Agents Committee, any matter must be included in the session agenda 48 hours in advance, along with the reasons why they have requested it.

        The meetings will preferably be virtual, and debates will take place under the direction of the chair or whoever sits in for them.

        The resolutions will be approved for adoption by a vote in favor of half of the members of the Committee present at the corresponding meeting plus one.

        The delegation shall be made for each meeting by the titular member or, failing that, by their alternate; it will not take effect if any of them is not in attendance.

       The agreements adopted at the meetings will be recorded in the minutes to be issued by the secretary with the chair's approval. Any member wishing to record particular positions may do so by notifying the secretary formally in writing within three days of the meeting.


  • The Chair:

         The chair of the Market Agents Committee will preside over the meetings of the plenary, direct debates, and agree on the convening of the ordinary meetings and the content of the agenda.

         The Committee chair shall be appointed by drawing lots among the member associations of the Committee. The association appointed to chair will not participate in successive draws for four years following its appointment.

        The presidency will be held for periods of six months. The chair shall cease to hold office upon resignation, expiration of the term of office, or loss of their status as a member of the Committee.

       The association that holds the chair will designate the natural person who will represent it for these purposes, as well as another person as an alternate for cases of absence of the titular member. 

      The position of chair of the Committee will not be remunerated.


  • The Secretary:

         It is the responsibility of the secretary to issue the minutes of the meetings that are held, recording in them the agreements reached, and to issue certifications of the agreements of the Committee of Agents.

         The role of the position of secretary will be permanently carried out by the market operator.