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OMIE is actively participating in the Energy Transition

With our experience in operating the European spot energy markets and to harness the flexibility offered by our continuous ability to adapt to the demands of this context, OMIE decided to create its own Innovation division in 2018 to promote participation in the development of the new market models for 2030 and to adapt all our processes to the new requirements, such as the coordination with European market mechanisms and the participation of new renewable technologies.

What are our lines of action?

We in the Innovation Division want to enhance technological resources at the service of the energy sector.

Optimization of processes within the company in the search for the most efficient technologies for automating tasks and improving the quality of support for market agents.


Development of useful market tools for all agents, both new and current, that enable them to comply with European regulations and adapt their processes to new needs, making their daily work easier.


Development of the creation of Local Flexibility Markets in Spain, from the model’s conception to the final operational tests, to ensure the integration of all the actors in the electricity sector and encourage the participation of local energy resources.


Participation in national and European innovation projects with a large number of stakeholders for the development of a joint, shared proposal for Local Flexibility Markets.


Design proposal for the negotiation of new products associated with electricity and other energies complying with European standards.

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If you have any questions, please write to us at innovacion@omie.es, and we will be happy to assist you.

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