Local Markets

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Local flexibility negotiated in the new markets

The local flexibility markets stem from the need to solve the problems arising from the high renewable penetration distributed in medium- and low-voltage networks. This way, network managers have an additional mechanism to provide flexibility for the network and control the voltage and frequency levels that ensure the quality and continuity of the electricity supply without posing a barrier to the integration of unmanageable renewables.


Consumer empowerment through participation in the markets


Increasing the efficiency of operating the distribution network  


Providing new market price signals 

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PPromoting the integration of renewable energies

This type of market is already a reality in some countries in the European Union and the Iberian Peninsula in the application of Directive 2019/944, at OMIE, several projects are underway for implementing them in our country, as well.

Our Goal

  1. To provide a market tool that allows transparent, non-discriminatory negotiation of the electricity system's flexible energy.
  2. Having price signals in all markets to incentivize the participation of distributed energy resources and thus strengthen the position of the active consumer.
  3. Integrating the different electricity markets to expand the opportunities for trading resources, and thus maximizing the benefits of the entire system.


Platform prototypes

In order to publicize our proposed solution of local flexibility markets, we have developed two demonstration platforms that meet the operating conditions to be able to test different use cases based on the needs of different projects.


Long-Term Platform

It allows the negotiation of flexibility products over time by creating a commitment of availability between the parties. It also fulfills the functionality of standardized registration of distributed resources.


Short-Term Platform

It allows the negotiation of products with near real-time flexibility; it can provide both distribution network managers and flexible resources with yet another opportunity to adapt their needs.