System access

How can I access OMIE's system?
  • Internet (fiber-optic corporate networks, ADSL lines, or work stations with a 4G/5G connection.)


  • End-to-End Line (For more information, please contact


For more information, please consult the  "Access communications" section.

What requirements are there for the system I am using to connect?

For more information, please consult the “Platform access” section.

How can I access OMIE's system?

- Day-ahead Market and  Intraday Auctions:

  • Browser (Internet Explorer)
  • Client Application (documentation in the Help section on the Market Website)
  • SFTP (historical information)


- Intraday Continuous Market:

  • Historical information:

- Browser (Internet Explorer).

- Client Application.


  • Trading (documentation in the Help section on the Market Website):

- Customer Trading provided by OMIE (.EXE)

- Customer Trading developed by third parties (for more information, please contact


For more information, please consult the “Contracting System” section.

Setup problems on the client's end?
  • In accessing through a corporate network, you must consider the necessary requirements (ports, guidelines, trusted sites…) for access and enable them in your infrastructure (proxy, firewall…). In addition, some of OMIE's applications must be configured explicitly if accessing through a corporate network (review the documentation published on each application in the Publications section).


  • If you are configuring a new system or are having problems accessing OMIE's system, please do the following:

- Run the OMIE installer, which you can download in the “Publications” section. This installer sets up your system to run the environment properly and, if necessary, it installs a version of JAVA that is compatible with OMIE's system.


ATTENTION: You must run the installer with a user who has Administrator privileges.

  • If you continue to experience problems, it is possible that there is some problem with installing JAVA on your system or that the version installed was not entirely compatible. In this case:

- Uninstall all versions of JAVA installed on the system and then proceed as previously outlined (run the OMIE installer).


ATTENTION: Uninstalling a version of JAVA on your setup could result in other applications not working properly. Here, we will only explain how to proceed in setting up access to OMIE's systems.

For more information, you can find all of the -setup guides in the “Publications” section in the subsection titled “System Access.”

How can I contact OMIE?
  • If you are not an agent, please send an email with your question to


  • If you are already an agent and are experiencing a technical problem with setup and/or access with a browser to OMIE's systems that you have not been able to resolve with the help outlined  in this FAQ, please send an e-mail describing your problem in detail with all of the information you can provide (screen captures of errors, when the error occurs, the certificate used…) to


  • If you have a problem or question about access with Customers/Robots, whether OMIE's or your own, please send an e-mail describing your question in as much detail as possible to for questions related to automatic access using Web Services or to for questions related to access using AMQP for continuous intraday market.

For more information, please consult the “Contact” section.

How can I get the files with the Market's public information provided by OMIE?
  • You can find this information in the documents entitled “Public information provided by the Market Operator” and “File form for public distribution of information on the Electricity Market” in the “Publications” section.