User manuals and configuration guides

Technical Documentation | 12/01/2021

Manual that describes how to correctly configure the market participant terminal for a correct operation in the OMIE Information System Webs. It includes previous requirements, both for the browser and the operating system, smart-card reader installation, browser configuration (including security topics), the automatic installation of components and a chapter for frequent problems.

Technical Documentation | 24/11/2020

Download from here the OMIE Automatic Installer for an easy installation and configuration of your workstation to access OMIE Electricity Market Website.

Technical Documentation | 19/11/2019

GemSafe software installation guide.

Technical Documentation | 18/11/2019

This document describes a general overview of SIOM-AM user inteface. It provides a baseline for configuration and navigation.

Technical Documentation | 17/11/2019

Manual that describes web queries as a tool to retrieve, filter and download information.

Technical Documentation | 16/11/2019

This manual describes a method to fill information of bid details for Daily Market and Intraday Market taking advantage of Microsoft Excel user interface features. This option is available from the bid submission pages, and requires Excel to be installed locally.

Technical Documentation | 15/11/2019

This manual describes the Download Center application. This application is in charge of downloading information to files, both, without user intervention and on demand.

Technical Documentation | 13/11/2019

Please download here the Sun Java Virtual Machine recommended version (1.8 update 202), required for a successful system operation in OMIE Information Systems. Read the "Station Setup Guide to Access OMIE Information Systems" guide for further details on installation.