Who is the billing counterparty?

Since January 2016, the market operator is counterparty for market operations, and is thus a buyer for sellers and a seller for buyers.

Who issues the invoice for my purchases and sales on the market?

The market operator issues invoices in the name of and on behalf of energy supply companies as providers, where the market operator is the recipient of the transactions. Likewise, it issues invoices as a provider for the deliveries made to the entities that purchased energy, which appear as the recipients of the invoices.

Is billing information confidential?

Market agents' invoicing information is confidential, and as such, it may not be given to the agent by any unsecured means, including e-mail. All information is accessible on the Market Operator's Information System with a digital certificate.

How many invoices am I going to receive for my activities on the market?

Agents who are participating in the market by virtue of their entry on the administrative registry as production facilities and by virtue of their activity as a Trader or Direct Market Consumer, or representing any of these activities, will be billed for each of these activities separately. From here on, we will refer to this as agent-activity.

Separate invoices will not be issued by units.

Who receives the invoice, the representative or the party represented?

Depending on the type of market representation, either the representative or the represented party will be billed.

  • Representation in one's own name and on behalf of third parties:

          The representative agent is billed

  • Representation in the name of and on behalf of third parties:

         The represented party is billed

What transactions do invoices include?

Daily invoices include all transactions corresponding to the day-ahead market, intraday market sessions, and the continuous intraday market for a given day of delivery.

What are the deadlines for billing?

Every business day, the market operator makes the invoices with unpublished settlements and billing from previous days available to market agents.

The Market Operator's Information System shows the time when invoices are published.

What format are invoices issued in?

Invoices are issued electronically using an advanced electronic signature from the market operator, and they are published in XML format on the Market Operator's Information System.

More information is available in the documentation on the Market Operator’s Information System.

How may invoices be accessed?

Invoices can be downloaded from the Market Operator's Information System in order to ensure confidentiality.

More information is available in the documentation on the Market Operator’s Information System.

How can I gain access to a summary of the information from the invoices?

The Market Operator's Information System provides procedures for obtaining a summary of all invoices related to sales and purchases on the market for a given period.

What taxes are applied in billing?

The market operator's invoices the corresponding taxes: VAT (in accordance with the rules that apply to electricity deliveries) and in the case of direct consumers, or their representatives, when consumption is in Spanish territory, the corresponding special tax on electricity.

The rules that apply to the supply of electricity in relation to VAT and the Special Tax on Electricity are included in VAT regulations, including Directive 2006/112/EU and Law 37/1992, as well as Special Law (IE) 38/1992 and its regulations.

What is the regulation on applying a reduction of the Special Tax on Electricity?

Royal Decree 1165/1995, of July 7, which approves the regulation of Special Taxes, establishes:

Article 145. Procedure for applying for a tax base reduction:

  1. To implement the reduction established in Article 98 of the Law, owners of facilities where activities are carried out with a right to reduction shall submit, to the management office relevant to the location of each facility, a communication for each one of the activities that meet the requirements that enable said tax benefit. ../..
  2. Once the communication has been received, the management office will issue a registration card in the territorial Register that must be shown to the electricity supplier so that the latter can implement a tax reduction to its corresponding supply.
What are OMIE's requirements that may apply to me for a reduction of the Special Tax on Electricity?

In order to implement a tax rate reduction, agents must send OMIE their registration card in the territorial Register.

Additionally, in order to implement an 85% reduction of the Special Tax amount, the CUPS (Universal Supply Point Code) with the right to such a reduction belonging to a settlement unit that doesn't include other CUPS with no right to reduction, or with the right to that reduction but with a different consumption percentage is needed.

As such, agents entitled to a reduction should report the physical unit to which that CUPS belongs to OMIE.

Given that OMIE does not have information on CUPS, OMIE will request confirmation from REE that the given physical unit doesn't contain other CUPS with different reduction rights.

The reduction will be implemented once all the information is obtained, and never for sessions that have already been matched.

How do I request information for my company's audit?

This request may only be made through the Market Operator's Information System, and it must indicate the desired period for the report.

What information does the audit data report include?

The audit data report will contain information on market invoices, the market operator's remuneration, and the REMIT service, when applicable, whose date of issuance must be in the requested period, as well as cash movements, including cash collateral, and payments and collections during that period.

When will the audit data report be published?

Processing is handled in accordance with the "Timetable and deadlines for agents' requests", published on the Market Operator's Information System.

Where will the audit data report be published?

Information on audit data will be published on the Market Operator's Information System in PDF format with the digital signature of an OMIE representative.

More documentation is available on the Market Operator's Information System.

How do I know if my request for audit data has been processed?

When a request is processed by OMIE, the agent will receive a task from the Market Operator's Information System indicating whether the request has been accepted or rejected.

How can I update my agent information?

Any changes to an agent's information (contacts, e-mail accounts, bank account, billing information, etc.) must be made either by agents themselves or by their representative via the Market Operator's Information System.

What are the schedules and deadlines for processing my applications?

The schedule for replying to agents' requests sets the time limits in which the Market Operator attempts to process those requests, acting with due diligence and in good faith, always strictly respecting the order for acceptance or rejection, paying attention to when the request was received and the information needed to process it. Outstanding exceptional circumstances, the market operator may not meet deadlines, such as, for instance, when a high number of unforeseen requests accumulate.

Where can I find more information on billing?

More detailed information on the billing process can be found in the market rules section, which can be accessed via "Market Rules" → "OMIE Rules."

¿Dónde puedo encontrar la información necesaria para la presentación del modelo 347?

OMIE presenta los Libros Registros de IVA mediante el Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII) por lo que no está obligada a presentar la Declaración del Modelo 347.

No obstante, les informamos que las cantidades objeto de declaración por OMIE para la empresa a la que representan en relación con las operaciones en el mercado diario e intradiario están a su disposición en el Web de agentes del mercado (, en el siguiente apartado:

  • Liquidaciones Mercado >  Datos de Facturación > Resumen facturas de un periodo