Composition of the Committee of Agents

The Market Agents Committee will be made up of:

  • Market Agents (one representative per market agent).
  • Representatives from associations of market players (one representative per association).
  • Two representatives from "OMI-Polo Español, SA (OMIE)".
  • One representative from each of the Spanish and Portuguese System Operators without voting rights.
  • One representative of each of the bodies in charge of energy regulation in the Iberian market, without voting rights.

Any agent or association interested in becoming a member of the Market Agents Committee will submit the corresponding application through the form available for this purpose on the market operator's public website.

The member position of the Market Agents Committee shall be unpaid.

All entities that have the status of market agent may submit an application, as well as those associations that meet the following requirements:

  • Include among its roles those related to the activities included in Article 6 of Law 24/2013 on the Electricity Sector.
  • Have among its members at least three market agents.

In applying for incorporation, the details of the titular member (and an alternate, in case of that person's absence) from the entity (agent or association) will be provided. The titular member and the alternate will be representatives of the entity until notification from the latter is received, communicating the change in representation.

The registration requests will be validated by the market operator.