Press release | 11/07/2022

OMIP and OMIClear carried out an event on the July 7th, in Madrid, with the theme “Forward Markets and Renewable Energy Development”, where relevant experts from the energy and financial sectors presented their points of view on the role of forward markets in building a more sustainable future in the Iberian context.


During the event, it was also announced the launch, on July 12, of PPA electricity contracts with maturities of 5 and 10 years. These contracts allow agents to negotiate 5 and 10-year maturities for futures of baseload and solar profiles with underlying delivery in Spain.

Press release | 17/03/2022

We are pleased to announce that OMIP and OMIClear have partnered with enmacc to help boost liquidity in the Spanish markets. This partnership will allow enmacc members to give up their trades for clearing to OMIP/OMIClear when trading on the enmacc platform.

Press release | 01/02/2022
Press release | 31/01/2022

OMIP will launches the Natural Gas Futures with Financial Settlement, with underlying related to the Spanish Virtual Balancing Point (PVB-ES). The contracts, available through continuous trading and registration of bilateral operations, have maturities up to 2 years (Year+2). The clearing and settlement of these contracts will be carried out by OMIClear.