TUR GAS Auctions

Order ITC/863/2009, of 2 April, which regulates the auctions for the purchase of natural gas to be used as a reference for setting the last resort tariff, in its additional provision one, designates Operador del Mercado Ibérico de Energía - Polo Español, S.A. (OMEL), through its subsidiary OMEL Diversificación, S.A.U., as the entity in charge of organising said auctions.

In accordance with the preceding Order, in its article 3 “Object of the auction”, the specific characteristics of each product to be auctioned shall be specified in a Ruling by the State Secretary for Energy.

Purchasers of the product shall be the authorised last resort retailers which have completed the basic information on the last resort retailer.

The participants, product sellers, shall be the gas retailers which have completed the prequalification and qualification processes provided for in the Auction Rules and have met the terms and conditions laid down in said order and in the corresponding Ruling by the State Secretary for Energy.

Auctions Gas-TUR