Consultation on the GOT of the IDC at 15:00 CET

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has established in its requirements that all European countries and systems must evolve in order to allow that the intraday continuous trading of the 24 periods of the following day (D + 1) starts at 15h00 CET of day D in all European countries. In order to comply with this requirement, and under the approval of the two MIBEL regulatory entities (CNMC and ERSE), the three operators propose to implement an intraday regional auction before the opening time of the continuous intraday market, replacing one of the six current intraday regional auctions.

The implementation of this auction at 15h00 CET is a step forward towards the future implementation of the European Intraday Capacity Auctions which such auction would be integrated with in the future. With the incorporation of this opening auction prior the GOT at 15h00 CET, the current scheme of regional intraday auctions in the MIBEL must be modified, making necessary a restructuring of both their schedules and their scope.

In view of the above, the three MIBEL operators present two possible alternatives to public consultation in order to address the change in the GOT of the continuous intraday market at 15h00 CET. The aim of this consultation is to know the opinion of the Market Participants about what would be the best option according to their point of view and needs. Click on the following link to access the public consultation document.

proposal_public_consultation__implementation__got_15h-omie-ren-ree.pdf (778.86 KB)



Additionally, a webinar took place on February 28th, presented by the three operators in order to present the proposal, alternatives and clarify any questions about it. The presentation is available in the following link:

webinar_idc_consultation_english.pdf (778.86 KB)


Once the deadline for receiving agents' preferences has ended, the result document of the consultation is available in the following link.




On April 9, 2019, a request was received from the national regulators of Spain and Portugal, CNMC and ERSE, the market operator and the Spanish and Portuguese system operators, in which, with respect to the alternative to implement, they indicated the following: In view of the comments received in the consultation, ERSE and CNMC we request a proposal of modifications of the operating rules and procedures to adapt to the implementation model of the opening of the continuous market at 3:00 p.m., in particular, considering alternative 2 for the reorganization of the schedule of the regional intraday auctions.”