MIBEL Intraday Model Consultation

Pursuant to article 63 “Complementary regional auctions” of the regulations informing the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) guideline, those regions that deem it so convenient may supplement the operations of the continuous intraday market by holding regional auction sessions.

In observance of the aforesaid article, the Iberian market operator OMIE and the Iberian system operators, REE and REN, are proposing a hybrid operating model for the MIBEL intraday market based on maintaining the auction sessions currently being held on the Iberian Peninsula, incorporating the Spain-Portugal interconnection in a supplementary and synchronised manner with the XBID continuous market.

OMIE invites you to participate in next briefing meetings to describe and show demos of the new operating model of the MIBEL intraday market once the XBID continuous intraday market will be in operation.

Additionally, we invite you to visit the new web page (http://www.nuevomercadointradiario.omie.es/index.html) where you can find information of the new model and its development project.

The meetings can be attended by all those interested until the capacity is completed. To attend and find information about next dates, please visit the new web page.