System architecture

The following figure shows the main SIOM (Market Operator’s Information System) subsystems and the relations established between them:


Where the different subsystems represented have the following functions:


This is the centre of SIOM. All information provided by agents or external entities (system operators) is stored in the system database together with the real-time information and the user responsible for storing this information. Agents have the capacity to access all information stored in the database, both their own and all that which is considered non-confidential.

SIOM-AM Subsystem – Agents

The SIOM-AM subsystem is responsible to provide the SIOM access interface to the market participants. Based in Internet technology, it allows transactions performing via web browser o web services, and using file data or on-screen data to send or request information. By using the SIOM-AM subsystem, market participants may send bids to the different markets, query the matching processes results and settlements and analyze anytime the status of the different markets managed both by the electricity market operator OMEL or by the system operators.


Matching Subsystem

This subsystem is responsible for conducting the market matching process (daily and intraday). From sell bids submitted power purchase for different periods of the horizon in cassation, results in the marginal price of energy for each period and the tenders that have been included in the result and those who have been excluded from it. The results of the matching process (program) are accessible by market agents.

Settlements Subsystem

This subsystem carries out Production Market settlements. Using the results of the different markets managed by the daily and intraday Market Operator, the Settlements Subsystem assigns the collection rights and payment obligations corresponding to all the market agents. The results of the settlement processes can be accessed by each agent in those entries associated with their bid units and in the form of aggregate values for the values that are necessary in order to verify the settlement results.


Interface Subsystem

This subsystem is responsible for exchanging data with external entities associated with the market. SIOM relates mainly with the information systems of the Spanish and Portuguese System Operators.

SIOM Subsystem – Market Operator

This subsystem is used by the Market Operator staff to carry out the daily operating tasks of the Production Market. It includes an access module similar to the SIOM-AM, maintenance and database maintenance module, and a module to monitor the status of the information system and the system for generating and presenting reports and statistics on market results.