Remuneration for OMIE

How is the market operator remunerated?

The market operator's yearly remuneration is established in the corresponding Ministerial Order in which yearly electric power access tolls are determined. Said regulation determines that this remuneration:

- shall be funded with prices charged by the market operator to production market agents (generators and traders, direct consumers, and system loading managers) who act within the scope of the Iberian Electricity Market.

- shall be covered, in equal parts, on the one hand by all electricity producers and, on the other, by all the traders, direct consumers, and system loading managers.


What should a producer pay for participating in the production market?

Electric power producers must pay the Market Operator a fixed monthly amount for each of the facilities with a net or installed capacity surpassing 1 MW in the case of renewable, cogeneration or waste facilities with a premium or specific remuneration scheme. Such a fixed monthly amount (which is set yearly in a Tariff Order, expressed in euros/MW) will depend on the power made available. The accrual of a corresponding payment obligation occurs whenever a facility is registered on the 1st day of each month.

OMIE estimates its remuneration corresponding to each production facility owner (or representative acting in their own name), by taking into account the information available in the database of the Registry of electrical energy production facilities belonging to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and the Digital Agenda. The available power is assessed by applying to each facility's net (or installed) power the value of its average availability rate, depending on its system and technology, as determined by the yearly Tariff Order.


How much do traders, direct consumers or system loading managers pay for engaging in the production market?

Traders, direct consumers and system loading managers who are engaging within the scope of the Iberian Electricity Market must pay the Market Operator a fixed monthly amount (which is set yearly in a Tariff Order and expressed in euros/MWh) for each MWh that appears in their final schedule per hour.

This estimation takes in to account the information available on OMIE's system corresponding to the final hourly schedule (PHF) for each hour that has not been canceled (either by system operators or by the market operator) or, otherwise, corresponding to the definitive daily viable schedule (PDVD).


Where can one check compensation settlement details?

In the Market Operator's Information System one can look up details on the estimation of OMIE's remuneration for each production facility or on the different bidding units by traders, direct consumers, and system loading managers.


How does OMIE invoice their remuneration?

OMIE issues a monthly invoice to each agent for its corresponding remuneration and never before the first collection day after the third business day of the following month. To prepare an invoice OMIE will take into account the agent's corporate information as made available to the market operator.

The invoice is issued electronically, by means of the market operator's advanced electronic signature and published in XML format on the Market Operator's Information System, although it may also be viewed as a PDF.

There is further documentation on the Market Operator's Information System.


Where is OMIE's remuneration invoice published?

Invoices can be downloaded from the Market Operator's Information System.


How should one pay OMIE's remuneration invoice?

OMIE may include this monthly payment in the daily production Market Participant's debit or credit note.

In the event that a Market Participant doesn't have a weekly debit or credit note, they must make a direct payment to the account shown on the invoice.