ORDER ITC/1601/2010, of 11 June, which regulates the CESUR auctions referred to in Order ITC/1659/2009, of 22 June, for the purpose of determining the estimated cost of wholesale contracts for calculating the last resort tariff, assigns Operador del Mercado Ibérico de Energía, Polo Español, directly or through a subsidiary, the task of organising and managing auctions for the purchase of electrical energy by last resort retailers (CESUR Auctions), as well as the corresponding settlements, communication of payment obligations and collection rights of the products awarded in said auctions and the periodic calculation of the corresponding bonds and guarantees.

In this respect, OMEL MERCADOS Agencia de Valores, S.A.U., as subsidiary of OMEL, is the entity in charge of managing CESUR auctions.

As part of its functions, the auction manager can avail of the CESUR auction website (http://www.subastascesur.omie.es) with all the information of a non-confidential nature associated with CESUR auctions, including the prequalification and qualification requisites and guides in order to take part in them. Among other relevant aspects, also presented is the reference legislation, the links to relevant entities in relation to these auctions and contact data for OMEL MERCADOS AGENCIA DE VALORES S.A.U. for all matters relating to the same.

CESUR Auctions